Come on in!

There is so much we can learn by playing in a sandbox. We can make new friends. We can be as creative as we want without a lot of rules. We grow by trying things we may never have done before such as swinging along the monkey bars, trying to swing as high as we can possibly go, or sliding down the longest slide. Playing in the sandbox helps build the foundation for lessons that will help us when we are all grown-up. If we learn how to play nice in the sandbox today, we will learn how to play nice with others tomorrow. We hope you enjoy this book and share it with others. Most importantly, go out and have fun in a sandbox!

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Scott Pansky
is the co-founder of Allison, a global marketing and communications firm. He is a recognized speaker and educator with a passion for making positive differences in peoples' lives. This is his first children's book, and he wants to dedicate it to his family and his many friends, who inspire him every day.

Scott is available for speaking engagements upon request. To inquire about rates and availability, please email

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